This is a list of interesting links and sites I’ve discovered SINCE World Carnivore Month, 2024

Keto & Eat has some very unique and easy carnivore – as well as keto – recipes!

This is a list of the posts shared each day during World Carnivore Month, 2024

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 1: The home page of Paul Saladino, MD for information about the animal-based lifestyle; a great place to start your explorations!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 2: 20 Easy Carnivore Diet Recipes from The Absolute Foodie!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 3: 9 Carnivore Diet Benefits and How to Get Them from Dr. Kiltz site, by Liam McAuliffe M.T.S., with tons of source links at the end.

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 4: In honor of National Spaghetti Day, how about some carnivore pasta? I haven’t tried it (YET!) but it looks like a good vehicle for any kind of carnivore sauce, or alfredo if you do dairy… Carnivore Pasta – Carnivore Fettucini (BONUS! Carnivore Spaghetti Bolognese video)

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 5: WHOA! A Pinterest board “dedicated to the all meat diet to control inflammation and autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis” that will keep me busy all weekend! You too?

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 6: I have watched Anita’s videos for years as she has evolved into her carnivore lifestyle; she’s the real deal! Lots of carnivore recipes are actually keto but these actually look pretty clean! 8 Top Carnivore Diet Desserts.

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 7: These look like some great ideas! Can’t wait to try some of them…thanks, Jessica, for your 30 Easy Carnivore Meal Ideas!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 8: A basic guide to some super-clean and raw carnivore eatin’. This Raw Dairy & Carnivore Grocery Guide, with the other information they provide, is a different take than anything else I’ve read, and is quite interesting!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 9: Think the carnivore lifestyle is restrictive? Boring? Bland? Well think again, my friend, as you scroll amazed through these 25 Recipes To Know Before Starting The Carnivore Diet!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 10: Still have questions? See if you can find your answers in this concise and easy read: Carnivore Diet Meal Plan For Beginners

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 11: Snacker? Me too! The members of Carnivore Snacks offer some of their suggestions!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 12: There seems to be an idea out there that eating animal-based is more expensive than the SAD (standard american diet). I can speak from experience that this isn’t the case for me – not by a long shot! I’ll write about that sometime…but in the meantime: How to do Carnivore Diet on a Budget: Tips for Building a Cheap Carnivore Meal Plan

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 13: I don’t know if it actually IS but this site claims to have the Ultimate List of Carnivore Books!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 14: Yeah, this stuff is all well and good…but does it WORK? Well, grab some carnivore cheesecorn and your beverage of choice, get ready to be amazed with these true life video stories as shared by The UK Carnivore!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 15: Overwhelmed? Confused? Take it down to basics: Here’s a week-long Carnivore Diet Meal Plan to help you get focused. And, if you’re already in the swing of things, maybe give you some ideas!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 16: Ready to dive deeper? LOTS of fun facts and interesting information on A Complete Guide to the Carnivore Diet: Risks, Benefits, Food List, and Keto Meal Plan

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 17: Does a carnivore diet sound too restrictive to you? There are some people who do various adjacent eating plans (hypercarnivore, ketovore, for example), if you want to check into those, here are some Tips on Following a Carnivore Adjacent Diet that may help!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 18: I love Annie’s KetoFocus videos online! And her website has a neat and tidy page with 50 easy-to-follow recipes (and videos!) for carnivores! Annie is one of the best! Check out her 50 Keto Carnivore Recipes

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 19: RESOURCES! It’s all about resources! And here is another great place to find some, courtesy of feedspot: 25 Best Carnivore Blogs and Websites

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 20: Sometimes we just have to laugh, right? The Keto Minimalist has 31 Comical Carnivore Diet Memes, Jokes, and Quotes That Are Totally Relatable!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 21: This is a simple page with lots of easy to access information. Need a quick grocery list? Got it. Carb counts of the most common animal-based foods? It’s here. Sample menus? Yup. And lots more on The Ultimate Carnivore Diet Food List | Everything You Need

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 22: LADIES! This is for us! Woman’s World Weekly had an article a while back with 5 stories of women who have changed their health, weight, and lives through eating animal-based! The Carnivore Diet Surpasses Keto In Popularity: 5 Women Over 50 Explain Why and How It Worked For Them

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 23: A few days ago I shared a link to 25 Carnivore Blogs and Websites from Feedspot; today I bring you a list of 20 Best Carnivore Diet Podcasts from the same source, if you enjoy those!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 24: I admit, I’m addicted to watching food-related videos. And some of my favorites are on this list: Top 10 CARNIVORE DIET YouTube Channels. Primo educational entertainment!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 25: I found this to be quite entertaining as well as factual without being too deep…or preachy.
10+ Carnivore Diet Myths (Or Criticisms) People Never Shut Up About

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 26: It’s getting later in the month and frankly, folks, I’m running out of ideas! (If you have any, I’d be happy to hear ’em!) So for today’s WCM link, I made my own! Baker’s Dozen LINKS to Carnivore “Bread” Recipes … And if you have any favorites, I’ll add them too!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 27: I’m not 100% carnivore yet (close, though!) but the one thing I miss is ketchup! While tomatoes will never be carnivore, I am certain that there must be condiments and sauces that I can use to jazz things up a bit. So I’ve started looking, and this site is one I’ve found to be pretty interesting! Carnivore Condiments- the Good, the Bad, and the UGLY

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 28: There are a few very common questions that come up when people first learn of eating a carnivore diet. Today’s question – and answer – is How Do You Get All the Nutrients You Need on Carnivore Diet?

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 29: WOW! Happened upon Tira’s corner, and HAD to share it! If you’re past the basics and want to dig into the meat of this WOE (see what I did there? 😉), this is the place to go! Her Carnivore FAQs are not only great reading, but pretty darned informative…as is the rest of her site. I’ll be spending a LOT of time here!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 30: This is a page with a number of success stories that help to show a few of the reasons eating animal-based helps so many people! The Carnivore Diet: The Surprising Success Stories Behind the All-Meat Diet PLUS there is some more basic information about this WOE as well!

WORLD CARNIVORE MONTH – Day 31: Aaaaand today is the last day of our 31-day celebration of the carnivore way of eating. For my final link, let’s look at The History of All-Meat Diets. And there is a lot more interesting content in the very-well-moderated comment section below too!


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