Eating Out – Dec 15, 2023: Ponderosa

Went out to eat with family. A buffet is always nice!

I had already eaten quite a bit of meat during the day, then I got their sirloin tips meal with no potato, that came with the buffet. The meat chunks were quite tender and mixed with some grilled onions and mushrooms but PLENTY of actual meat! They had a pasta bar going on as well, so I checked that out. We could select from the bowls of food and the guy would fry it up in a pan; it was meant to be built around which type of pasta the customer selected – I selected NONE. But got lots of shrimp, some krab (not much because it wasn’t the real thing and the pretend krab has sugar in it), then added a little each of mushrooms, little broccoli bits, onion, chopped tomato, LOTS of real butter, and parmesan cheese on top. (There may have been another veg, can’t remember for sure?) But it was mostly shrimp! Never did go to the buffet but I was plenty full. A good hypercarnivore (70% + of meat/animal-based) day, and quite delicious!

My tips:
First, I try to eat something before going so that I’m not so hungry that everything on the menu looks good. (Today I got a coffee right before we went there.) Second, I decide before we get there – usually while I’m on the way – what I want to eat; this gives me time to get my taste buds “in the mood” so that when I’m looking at the menu I’ve already got my heart set on something. Third, I always get less than I think I want, telling myself that if I’m still hungry after I finish my meal I will get something else – an appetizer or side dish. (But guess what? I’m never still hungry.) Fourth, since my goal each week is to have 3 or 4 carnivore days and 3 or 4 keto days, if we’re eating at a place that I can’t get an entire animal-based meal (eg, cottage cheese or eggs for my side dish), eating keto works just fine! Even here, if I’d had to stay animal-based for some reason, I could have gotten a side of more grilled shrimp, or plain wings and I would have happy with that too!

This is one example of how I eat at restaurants. Occasionally I will choose to eat above my daily carb limit, and find no harm is done as long as I avoid the foods that I know will cause inflammation and/or pain, and as long as I have a good long fast before and after the meal. AS ALWAYS, YMMV* and YOU need to make the best choices for your own goals. If what I share here helps you, that’s GREAT! Get to know your own body’s responses to different foods whether you’re eating for health or weight, it could be quite different than mine.

*your mileage may vary


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