A Before and “During” Comparison

As I’ve said multiple times – here and elsewhere – I am not doing this for weight loss. Actually I hate the weight loss. I hate the excess skin. I hate the abdominal pannus. I hate how mushy my body feels everywhere. I never wanted it.

I will always be in the “during” stage. Because this way to eat is ongoing. I eat for inflammation control, which I am hopeful will continue to decrease my pain levels from disease. And because of the heart disease and the “tired” and “fragile” (doctors’ words) state of my vascular system, I try to keep them from becoming inflamed as well. That is why I eat how I eat, and also why how I eat may not look like how others’ animal-based diets look.

First, I am not 100% carnivore, though it would be fine with me if I were. But there are foods I occasionally (maybe 1-2 of my 14 – or less – weekly meals) enjoy and, as long as I don’t experience negative effects from them, stay in my diet. The vegetables and fruits (mainly squashes) fall into this category. So the labels ketovore or hypercarnivore might both fit…but what doesn’t fit are my clothes!

Though I don’t eat this way for weight loss, that is a side effect. I have had to replace my wardrobe twice in the last 18 months. I have no idea what I weigh. I see my doctor every year and look at the scale when they weigh me; I see her again in a couple of weeks. Today I put together a photo of myself from a few years ago (pay no mind to the background…I used to add restroom pictures from the places I went to my vlogs…it was just a funny thing I did)…with one I took today. Just to see. Because people keep saying stuff about it.

My first thought was “What have I DONE?” Not that I loved weighing that much…but seeing the changes so clearly almost scared me. Then I quickly moved on to my more-typical, “Oh well, whatever…I’ll deal with it” feeling. But, as long as I had the photos, I figured I might as well share them here. Because I know that most people who read this site ARE eating for weight loss. So maybe it will encourage someone to continue on the course, if this is your goal. So here are the “before” and “during” photos, for whatever they’re worth.


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