What Is An Animal-Based Way of Eating?

🥩 🍗 🥓 🥬 🍓 🥩 🍗 🥓 🥑 🥒 🥓 🍗 🥩 🍠 🧄 🥓 🍗 🥩 One of my favorite video content creators says, at the start of each of her videos, that she eats an “animal-based keto diet”. Yeah. It isn’t the terminology that matters; it is what we stick in our …
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VIDEO: Roasting Pork with Garden Herbs

After mere seconds of watching, you will already know this…but I am not a videographer. I just used my phone and did the best I could BUT the resulting “roast” turned out FANTASTIC! So I’m glad I recorded it, so I could share the process with you!

Changes Coming Again!

I am a huge advocate of listening to my body and knowing its signals. Every year this seems to happen: though I love my meat-based diet, when spring comes I start craving the bounty of beautiful vegetables and leafy greens and fresh herbs and, occasionally, a little fruit. Through the winter I crave animal-based, and …
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KETO: Sunday is PIZZA Day!

At least, when Pete and I are home on Sunday we have pizza; most Sundays we pick our grandkids up, take them to church, then out to lunch, and I don’t eat again once we come home. But today we’re home, and I’m really loving this pizza. I always try a little bit different type …
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A Before and “During” Comparison

As I’ve said multiple times – here and elsewhere – I am not doing this for weight loss. Actually I hate the weight loss. I hate the excess skin. I hate the abdominal pannus. I hate how mushy my body feels everywhere. I never wanted it. I will always be in the “during” stage. Because …
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