Our Smoothies!

My granddaughters (ages 5 and 10) wanted to make smoothies. So here is what we did:

We had soaked almonds overnight, so we put about a cup and a half of those into my Ninja blender, and some whole milk (because that’s what the kids drink), then blended until smooth. After that we added a cup of blueberries, about a quarter-cup of coconut (unsweetened), 2 scoops of banana protein powder, about a tablespoon of inulin for sweetening, more milk (probably 3 cups total), and a couple scoops of chia seeds since I didn’t have any ice cubes for thickening. By the time we had our breakfast-for-supper – a basic cheesy souffle with sausages (both made in the AFO), and rolls – plated up the smoothies were nice and thick. The girls LOVED it! I had a small glass with them – and my eggs and sausage (no rolls). DELICIOUS meal which earned me the ultimate compliment: “You’re the best grandma EVER!”

2 thoughts on “Our Smoothies!

  1. The smoothies sounded like they would have been good, so I’m glad they were! Thankfully the weather cooperated in your area. Unfortunately so many people cannot make that claim. Breakfast for supper is ALWAYS good! My help came today (my two transgenders). They are so very, very kind and helpful . I just love them no matter. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your grands. Pete wants Leelan to get his license. Hopefully that will come true. I love you!

    1. I haven’t yet seen any news from yesterday’s storms but certainly will look to see the aftermath today, when I went to bed there were still bad storms in the Iowa area though the ones in Massachusetts had subsided. I’m SO glad that you have your new helpers and that the bond between you is so strong – what a blessing for all 3 of you for sure! Yes, Leelan has been excited about getting his license at times, then he gets involved in his many other interests and is excited about them – he does have a lot of things he wants to be able to do for sure! I love you too and ALWAYS thinking of you!!!

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