VIDEO: Roasting Pork with Garden Herbs

After mere seconds of watching, you will already know this…but I am not a videographer. I just used my phone and did the best I could BUT the resulting “roast” turned out FANTASTIC! So I’m glad I recorded it, so I could share the process with you!

Some Things Just Hit The Spot!

Though I eat a predominantly animal-based diet, I do enjoy a couple of keto days each week (and even an occasional “day off”). The last few days I’ve been wanting cabbage so today I picked up a package of cole slaw mix as I was in no shape to do all the work of dealing …
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What a Difference a Shape Makes!

Pork belly. I love the stuff, and eat quite a bit of it. But I wanted to do something a little different tonight. So as I was laying out my pork belly strips to go into the air fryer I twisted them. Seasoned with salt and a little bit of onion powder plus a few …
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