What a Difference a Shape Makes!

Pork belly. I love the stuff, and eat quite a bit of it. But I wanted to do something a little different tonight. So as I was laying out my pork belly strips to go into the air fryer I twisted them. Seasoned with salt and a little bit of onion powder plus a few generous shakes of dehydrated minced garlic. After laying them out in a parchment-covered baking pan I put them in the air fryer oven for 12 minutes @ 425°F. After that cycle I turned the pan front-to-back and turned it back on for another 10 minutes and this is the result.

Tasty bars of pork, slightly chewy with great crispy edges, and little crunchy bits of garlic…it was a DREAM!

I had mine with my favorite pork condiment: a SF cinnamon applesauce cup for dipping. (I have to eat pork with something wet, otherwise it sticks above my “wrap”* which is very unpleasant and painful; ditto with rice but I don’t eat anymore anyway.) I have also used a mayo/butter “dip” but was in the mood for the cinnamon/apple flavor tonight…and glad I did. SCRUMPTIOUS!


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