What Is An Animal-Based Way of Eating?

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One of my favorite video content creators says, at the start of each of her videos, that she eats an “animal-based keto diet”. Yeah.

It isn’t the terminology that matters; it is what we stick in our gob. But if you go anywhere on social media and say you are carnivore, your diet will immediately be put under a microscope and examined for anything that someone with a slightly different definition of the word can criticize. And there ARE various definitions. Even among experts who study animal diets – look it up! Apply the term to a human diet and the list of meanings gets even longer!

So to avoid the nonsense, I usually use the term animal-based. Most of what I eat comes from animals, either their body parts, or what their bodies produce – milk or honey, for instance. (Yes, bees are part of the kingdom Animalia too!)

And when I say “most” I mean everything possible! “Most” days (4+/week) I eat only meat/eggs/dairy. On keto days I eat “mostly” meat/eggs/dairy plus something else that fits in my overall plan (basically, 50g carbs/day, no sugars or grain-based foods, or anything that’s caused inflammation issues for me in the past). On the occasional day – or even a few days/month – I eat outside of my plan: maybe I go over my 50 grams, or don’t have a 12-hour (minimum) fast, as examples.

My goal is not weight loss, though that’s happening anyway; my goal is inflammation and pain control. I have multiple disease processes that benefit from an animal-based diet. I don’t “cheat” and I don’t “derail”. I make conscious choices for every bite that goes into my mouth (take THAT, diet Nazis!), based on my own experimentation, research, and experience in controlling said disease processes through diet since 2004, and adapting or changing up things as needed.

I just alluded to 12-hour fasts. Most of my fasts are much longer, and are food fasts (ie, I drink water or coffee or tea – sometimes even with a splash of cream <gasp!> but still get the exact same benefit.); 12 hours is the minimum I ask from myself but often my fasts, which include overnights, is 16 hours. Or 20. Or 24. Or (rarely) 26! My body seems to need that time to “settle”. And I do OMaD, or One Meal a Day (sometimes having a small snack with my meds), as often as possible – one day/week at least.

I use certain sweeteners in beverages; I use sugar-free condiments; I use herbs and spices in my cooking; I eat as much fat as possible; I eat lots of salt…but mostly, 80% of the time, I just eat meat.

Yeah. That’s my animal-based way of eating.


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