Cooking: Cordon Bleu Lasagna

OK, this isn’t technically a lasagna, though it is layered…and it isn’t technically a chicken cordon bleu, though it has a similar profile…but what it IS, is delicious!

In a small round baking dish that I’d sprayed to prevent sticking, I laid down a couple of thin slices of deli chicken…then some diced ham…then some shredded swiss cheese…then some leftover chicken “salad” (chicken and mayo)…some dijon mustard…more swiss cheese…more deli chicken slices. (I could have topped it with pork panko and green-can-parm, but elected not to.)

After being air-baked at 400°F for 25 minutes in my AFO I lifted it out of the baking dish and into a bowl for a photo to share with the recipe…and it fell apart into a pile. So no photo BUT it was amazingly delightful! And the next time I will do the pork panko and green-can-parm topping too!


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