Cooking: Dec. 16, 2023 – Cabbage and Onion Casserole


This is something that we like to eat, though I won’t be eating it today. Pete has a Christmas party with one of his amateur radio clubs and I made this for his dish to pass. (I had originally planned on going also but I feel like I’m getting a cold.)

In the past, before he had to give up pork, I would add bacon to this also, and it would be a complete meal. I made it for our monthly church potlucks and it was in high demand; so much so that people were disappointed when I took anything else! But I never added the tomato slices and parmesan cheese to the top before; I just did that today to dress it up for the party – also some dried thyme sprinkled over the cheese for color (added green to the red) as well as the flavor.

This is definitely keto and low carb. Added meats, especially bacon or ham, make it really special – and I’d imagine the tomato slices and shredded parmesan are like icing on the cabbage cake!

This is simple to make. Thinly sliced cabbage and onions tossed with oil (olive or avacado, for us), S&P, garlic, and seasonings of choice (just thyme for us), along with whatever meat(s) you choose. Spread it in a baking dish, and roast at 375°F for 40 minutes, uncovered. Stir, add toppings if desired, raise heat to 425°F, and return to oven for a further 20 minutes.

Simple. Inexpensive. Delicious! And, I hope at Pete’s Christmas party, impressive!


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