Cooking: Dec. 18, 2023 – TOAST!


I have always loved me some toast…just like my Gram used to make it for me, fried in butter! Gram grew up in a creamery eating things like bowls of sour cream, fresh butter, the super-rich top from the cottage cheese…yeah! She knew how to eat!

Anyway, toast isn’t something that I’ve eaten very much since 2004, except, in the early days, when I’d find a loaf of low carb bread at the store. But since I gave up grains a number of years ago it’s been a tough time for toast! I’ve tried myriad grain-free bread recipes and, while they may be ok in a pinch, they never have made good toast.

For the last week or so, however, my craving for toast has been nearly unbearable! So today I went into the kitchen and, using nothing but my instincts, got to work. And guess what? I had some GREAT toast!

I don’t measure anything. I rarely follow recipes. I go by the seat of my pants when I cook. So I can share the approximate amounts of each ingredient that I used. But it’s only a guide and certainly not written in stone. Feel free to use your own pants if you try this!

I have a limited selection of baking dishes so I just chose a regular (Pyrex) loaf pan and buttered it, then set it aside. And I preheated my oven to 350°F.

In a bowl I mixed together thoroughly about 1/3c of egg whites, 2T of full-fat Greek yogurt, and a Tbsp of oil (avacado in this case). When it was smooth, I added about 1/4c of chicken flour, 3 turns of pink salt, 1/4 tsp of xanthan gum, 2 tsps of beef gelatin, and 2 tsps of yeast (for the scent), and mixed it all until very smooth and creamy. Finally, I added a rounded teaspoon of baking powder from which I’d smashed out the clumps; mixed that into the batter quickly, scraped it into my loaf pan (it was only about an inch high), and put it in the oven.

20 minutes later it was done and I put the whole pan on a cooling rack; about 20 minutes after that I was able to easily and cleanly lift the loaf out, cut it in half across the middle, then slice each half through the center to create 4 slices of more-or-less square bread.

By this time I already had my butter melted in my Copper Chef (the only pan I ever use anymore, I use it for EVERYTHING!) and I dropped the slices into it…a few minutes later, and I had buttery fried TOAST! Very nearly as amazing as what Gram would make for us, and definitely WAY better than anything else I have tried over the years!

After a few test nibbles, I fried some eggs in the same pan and put a couple of slices of Havarti on my buttery toast. Once I put the fried eggs on the cheese it melted nicely…I grabbed a fork and had my favorite breakfast – carnivore style!

I still have 2 more slices of bread for tomorrow; I didn’t try it as bread, so have no idea about that, but it does make great toast!

(I was way too excited to stop and take pictures, but I will the next time – and there WILL be a next time!)


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