Cooking: Dec. 5, 2023 – Pork Rice with Chicken Squash Casserole


Today I had some ground pork fat that I needed to cook up, so I slow-cooked it in my electric skillet for about an hour until I had rendered off all of the liquid fat for future use. What was left was “rice” – tiny crumbles of pork with very little flavor, but a texture like rice that is great for layering in a dish, or simply on my plate.

With most of the liquid fat poured off I cut up a couple of yellow squash and started it browning in the same pan…added a can of mushrooms (because we are out of fresh), plus onion and garlic. I also cut up the breast off a rotisserie chicken, and When everything was sufficiently browned and tender I put in some crumbled bacon, thyme, and salt, then stirred in some sour cream – full fat of course – and shredded some sharp cheddar and parmesan cheeses over the top. Turned the setting to low, covered it, and waited for the cheese to melt. Pretty happy with it and glad I have enough for a couple more meals!

L-R: My pork “rice” ~ My pan o’ goodness ~ that goodness on my plate!

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