Cooking: Dec 8, 2023 – Beef Brisket with Cauliflower Mash

As I’d shared previously, I recently bought a 6.75# brisket. I’ve never bought or cooked brisket before. But I do remember how other people I’ve known have done it…the only pan I have that would fit it is aluminum, but since I don’t use aluminum where it would come into contact with, or leech into, my food, I had to cook it in my Copper Chef electric skillet (like the one in this article). After searing it on both sides and salting it fairly heavily I set it up to cook with the fat side up, at just over 200°F, covered. I added about an inch of water to the bottom of the pan, and topped it off as needed. 5½ hours later I had a perfectly tender and amazingly delicious hunk o’ beef with a lovely thick fat cap on it!

After I took the meat out of the pan and set it aside to rest there was a beautiful thick, dark, rich gravy left in the pan! I’ve never seen meat make its own thick gravy-like sauce before but I poured it off and saved it, wiped out the pan, and added 2 small heads of cauliflower, with a little water, that I had cut up into chunks, and some garlic. It cooked up beautifully, covered, in about 25 minutes. I spooned some of it into a bowl, added some soft goat cheese and butter, and mashed it right in the bowl. Then I stirred in some sour cream and seasoned it with salt, thyme, and paprika and it was quite possible the BEST cauli-mash I’ve ever made!

Obviously the photos below are not to scale but you can see the lovely fat cap on the meat (which barely fit in the pan when I started!) and the beautiful big bowl of caulimash…delightful meal!

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