Eating Out – Dec. 11, 2023, Texas Roadhouse

In these eating out posts I will be sharing how I manage1 at various restaurants that we enjoy.

Today we went to Texas Roadhouse, known for their steaks. When we eat out I typically have an OMaD day, especially if my meal is at the higher end of my 50g daily limit, and even more important if I’ve chosen to use some of those carbs for mashed potatoes or something! (Potatoes don’t cause inflammation in my body – the whole reason I eat this way – so they’re not off limits for me.) One other thing I love about Texas Roadhouse is they have the nutrition information for ALL of their foods, so I can plan accordingly! Now I will share what I ate, with a few notes.

Pete always gets the cactus blossom; I enjoy it as well. I wanted a few bites; this is how much I ate.
I got a 12oz ribeye, medium rare, and 5 grilled shrimp. It came with 2 sides, I got the green beans (that contain bacon and onion), and chili for Pete. Under the shrimp were 2 slices of garlic bread, which we brought home for Pete to snack on later.

Below are the “stats” for the food I ate, also with comments where needed.

CRAZY amount of carbs! I counted my portion as 25 grams, to include the approx. teaspoon of sugar and probably the same amount of flour.
NO DOUBT the high carb count comes from the garlic bread (that I didn’t eat). For my meats only I counted it as 5g.
I was surprised at the carb count for these, but whatever…I only ate half of mine so I counted these as 7g.

37g of total carbs for such a satisfying and enjoyable meal is doggone great! I just drank tea with it. I could barely finish the meal because I was so full!

1First, I try to eat something before going so that I’m not so hungry that everything on the menu looks good. (Today I got a coffee right before we went there.) Second, I decide before we get there – usually while I’m on the way – what I want to eat; this gives me time to get my taste buds “in the mood” so that when I’m looking at the menu I’ve already got my heart set on something. Third, I always get less than I think I want, telling myself that if I’m still hungry after I finish my meal I will get something else – an appetizer or side dish. (But guess what? I’m never still hungry.) Fourth, since my goal each week is to have 3 or 4 carnivore days and 3 or 4 keto days, if we’re eating at a place that I can’t get an entire animal-based meal (eg, cottage cheese or eggs for my side dish), eating keto works just fine! Even here, if I’d had to stay animal-based for some reason, I could have gotten a side of more grilled shrimp, or plain wings and I would have happy with that too!

This is one example of how I eat at restaurants. Occasionally I will choose to eat above my daily carb limit, and find no harm is done as long as I avoid the foods that I know will cause inflammation and/or pain, and as long as I have a good long fast before and after the meal. AS ALWAYS, YMMV* and YOU need to make the best choices for your own goals. If what I share here helps you, that’s GREAT! Get to know your own body’s responses to different foods whether you’re eating for health or weight, it could be quite different than mine.

*your mileage may vary


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