Eating Out – Dec 13, 2023: Big Boy, Dee’s Pizza

Sometimes it would be nice if I took my own advice!

We were 55 miles from home at lunchtime so we went to Big Boy so I could get breakfast. And I didn’t eat before going out because we were in a hurry. I planned a meat omelet or similar before we got there, instead I ordered one with ham, bacon, cheese, spinach, and mushrooms. Fine. Served on a bed of hash browns…hurriedly looked up the carb count. OK if I stick with a half-cup or less. And then the server brought fresh hot biscuits to the table. 2 of them. And that happened…

I went a little overboard on the carbs, I admit. Surprisingly enough I’m not showing signs of inflammation now, about 11 hours later, which surprises me. But those are going to be the ONLY carbs I eat for the next couple of days.

Tonight we went to a Christmas party at a pizza place (I think I mentioned it last week on the 6th?) and I got their wings. No breading on them, not even much seasoning. And I was looking forward to those all day, and that’s what I had an they were FANTASTIC!

And now…BEEF! DUCK! EGGS! BACON! YUM! I know that after I eat carbs I realize they weren’t as good as I thought they’d be, and I can’t wait to get lots of carnivore food in me…you too?

Note to self: reread your own tips!!!

My tips:
First, I try to eat something before going so that I’m not so hungry that everything on the menu looks good. (Today I got a coffee right before we went there.) Second, I decide before we get there – usually while I’m on the way – what I want to eat; this gives me time to get my taste buds “in the mood” so that when I’m looking at the menu I’ve already got my heart set on something. Third, I always get less than I think I want, telling myself that if I’m still hungry after I finish my meal I will get something else – an appetizer or side dish. (But guess what? I’m never still hungry.) Fourth, since my goal each week is to have 3 or 4 carnivore days and 3 or 4 keto days, if we’re eating at a place that I can’t get an entire animal-based meal (eg, cottage cheese or eggs for my side dish), eating keto works just fine! Even here, if I’d had to stay animal-based for some reason, I could have gotten a side of more grilled shrimp, or plain wings and I would have happy with that too!

This is one example of how I eat at restaurants. Occasionally I will choose to eat above my daily carb limit, and find no harm is done as long as I avoid the foods that I know will cause inflammation and/or pain, and as long as I have a good long fast before and after the meal. AS ALWAYS, YMMV* and YOU need to make the best choices for your own goals. If what I share here helps you, that’s GREAT! Get to know your own body’s responses to different foods whether you’re eating for health or weight, it could be quite different than mine.

* your mileage may vary


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