Quick Chicken Wraps

I came home HUNGRY and wanted something NOW! This was my answer. And definitely will be the answer in the future!

I like to keep chicken or turkey deli meat when I can find a clean brand, and use them for “noodles” or layers or wraps or other things. This time I wrapped a couple around pork sausages from the freezer – 2 “wraps”, because they were so thin, per sausage. Then I put them in a baking dish*, topped them with swiss cheese, popped them in the AFO at 425°F for about 20 minutes. I dipped them in dijon mustard.

They were SO GOOD, I wanted to eat all 8 of them! But I ate 4, even though I was full after 3. EASY-PEASY!

* I always line my baking dish with aluminum foil and parchment paper so that my food doesn’t touch the aluminum. I know it is wasteful and an added expense; I also know that I no longer have the strength or stamina to scrub baking dishes and pans.


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