Recipe: Courtney Luna’s Carnivore-Keto Dinner Roll

I decided to try this today, but instead made a mini-loaf in my 3×5 glass loaf pan. I doubled the recipe that is linked here and, of course, I didn’t make it exactly as she created it: I added about a tsp of sour cream with about ½ tsp of baking powder. It turned out beautifully (as I’m sure it would have without my additions), and tasty. I could taste the egg…and I could taste the pork rinds…and I could taste the butter…BUT I wouldn’t say it was overly egg-y or pork rind-y tasting. It was a tad salty for my taste, though I hadn’t added any, it had to be from the butter as there was no salt in the pork panko either. Anyway, it was fast, it was easy, and I will definitely make it again and again!


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